PalletCat logistics and booking management

What are the advantages of contracting distribution logistics directly with the local operator?

The main advantage is cutting out the middleman, which means deliveries can be made within 24 h. You also know the exact cost of deliveries, with long-term planning and, of course, traceability.

Do I have to send the goods to one of the two PalletCat terminals?

Yes, although we have a collection service for your goods at your company or supplier. You can work out your shipment costs using the calculator you will find on the home page.

How far in advance do I have to book transport for the goods to be collected at my factory?

We need at least 24 hours before the time you plan to load them.

Can I leave my goods at your terminal to make the shipments as orders come in?

Yes. And there is no extra charge for this service, as it is included in the distribution price. We label each new order with our bar code system so you can monitor it, and we immediately send it to its destination.

Is it possible to send my goods to the terminal so that they leave directly from there when there is an order, even though this involves unpacking the pallet and making up new units in different pallets to meet my orders?

Yes, this is possible and there is no extra charge. It is known as picking.

My pallets weigh 500 kg and are each one metre high. Can I put one pallet on top of another to get a Megafull price instead of two half pallets?

Yes, provided you are confident your repacked goods will not be damaged during the journey to their destination.

Delivery and collection time

Is it possible to deliver to a big store at an arranged time?

Yes, but we will need to receive the goods 48 hours beforehand at our terminal.

What is the latest time I can leave my goods at the terminal so they can be delivered the next day anywhere in Spain or Portugal?

We need to receive the goods before 11am at the Barcelona terminal and before 5pm at the Tàrrega terminal.

What is the timetable for receiving goods at the PalletCat terminals?

Before 8pm at the Barcelona terminal and before 10pm at the Tàrrega terminal.


Loading and unloading pallets

Can I label the pallets from my company?

Yes, from PalletCat we will provide you with a printer and barcode labels so that you can label the pallets in your company at no additional cost.

What is the recommended packaging for the pallets?

For safe transport, we recommend that the goods are properly structured and protected, particularly the corners and the top.

I have to deliver one pallet but it needs to be depalletized. Is this possible?

Yes, depalletization by a PalletCat operator is possible, but it involves the following surcharges:

Pallet type mini quarter quarter half full megafull
Street 9 15 20 25 30
Floors or basements 15 25 35 45 55


Can I get a special rate if I make regular shipments?

Yes, we can give you a customized rate depending on the quantities and the shipments you make.

Is there any surcharge if my pallets exceed the size and weight?

Not if they exceed the initially indicated size and weight by no more than 8%. If the excess is above 8%, you can contact PalletCat’s customer service team and they will tell you the corresponding price, as well as the extra charge applied if the 8% allowance is exceeded.

I don’t make many shipments to Spain and Portugal. Is the distribution service cost-effective if the complete service is contracted as well?

Yes, with a minimum of 4 pallets to one or more destinations it will be quicker and more efficient with our transport.


Shipment traceability and insurance

Can I get online traceability for my shipments?

Yes. At PalletCat we will give you a user name and password so you can monitor your shipments. You will also have access to your delivery note, signed by your customer.

Can I be notified when my pallet has been delivered?

Yes, all you have to do is configure it in your private customer area.

What insurance cover do you offer?

As a transport company, we are obliged by law to be answerable for damage to goods up to a maximum sum of €5.91 per kg LOTT, for the distribution and reverse logistics service, and a maximum of €11 per kg CMR for the complete service.



Can I have the delivery note signed by the consignee?

Yes, you will have the signed delivery note the day after the delivery is made. You will find this documentation in your client area.

Can I receive my invoices electronically?

Yes, we send invoices weekly in digital format.

What is the due date of PalletCat invoices?

Invoices must be paid within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Invoicing is weekly and always after the whole service has been completed.

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