Reverse logistics, the key to success in large companies

18 Febrero 2019 - Blog

Customer service has been and stills being a very important factor for small and large companies. Responding to the needs of the consumer is essential for them to be satisfied with our company, re-contact us in their next purchase and even recommend us to their friends, colleagues and people closest to them. As we already advanced in one of our previous articles, "2019 and the new trends in logistics", the customer is currently in the center of attention of logistics services, demanding faster and more personalized deliveries. For this reason, our company must not only have a good distribution logistics, to guarantee a fast delivery of the requested product or service; It should also take care of reverse logistics. But what exactly is the reverse logistics and why should we include it in our company?

What is reverse logistics?

Unlike distribution logistics, which is the main responsible for sending and delivering orders to their recipients, reverse logistics is characterized for covering the needs of collection and return of goods. With reverse logistics, the product or merchandise from its destination point is picked up to its point of origin, returning those products or materials that ultimately will not be used.

Why does your company need a reverse logistics strategy?

With the arrival of online shopping and e-Commerce, reverse logistics becomes an indispensable service for many companies. Big brands such as Apple, Amazon or Ikea already have an excellent reverse logistics service. The reasons for having a good reverse logistics are, mainly, the return of products and the reduction of environmental impact:

Inverse logistics for the return of merchandise:

This is a need for most of the companies and businesses with online purchase, who need to offer their customers an order return service quickly and economically. With a good reverse logistics strategy, we provide our client with the return of the product that he had previously received, increasing his confidence in our company.

Reverse logistics to minimize the environmental impact:

This happens in most B2B companies or companies that opt for a greener system. In these cases, a reverse logistics strategy is used to recover the packaging, waste and possible waste derived from the distribution logistics and thus reduce the environmental impact by reusing or recycling the previously used merchandise.

Benefits of reverse logistics

Having a good integrated reverse logistics strategy in your company or business is essential to offer excellent customer service in order to return orders, and also to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging and the package of your merchandise. But there is still more, since reverse logistics offers great benefits to those companies that use it:

Improve the relationship between the company and the client:

By making a good reverse logistics service available to the customer, it will be easier for him to buy our products again, knowing that there will be no problem in the case of returning his order.

Reduce the environmental impact:

By collecting the waste and wrappings of the merchandise already distributed through reverse logistics, the generation of waste is reduced and at the same time the environmental impact is also lower.

It favors the image of the company:

The "eco-friendly" companies give a good image to current consumers, who are increasingly concerned about recycling and look with a better eye to those companies that take care of the environment.

Recover the value of the products:

Returned products and / or goods recovered through reverse logistics can be recycled and reused, giving them a second use and lengthening their useful life, recovering their value in the most efficient way.

Reduce costs and delivery / return times:

With a good inverse logistics, the costs and times of delivery or return of any merchandise are reduced, since the logistics of distribution and the inverse logistics are planned in different strategies and journeys.

With so many advantages in our favor, the reverse logistics trend is to improve the performance of our services, and consequently, an indirect increase the benefits of our company. Therefore, a reverse logistics is essential in any warehouse or company that needs to send, transport and return any type of product or merchandise. In PalletCat we offer you the reverse logistics service, with which we can collect each product from its different delivery points and return it to our terminals in a record time, between 24 and 48 hours throughout the Iberian Peninsula. We guarantee a personalized service, with an adequate optimization of each route to reduce the duration of the trips; and with a complete traceability, being able to know at all times where the merchandise is.

And your company, is it prepared to offer a good reverse logistics?

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