News of the Palletways Group: Spring 2019

13 Junio 2019 - News

Palletways is the leading company in the transport of palletized merchandise throughout Europe. And from PalletCat, representative company of the Palletways Group in Catalonia, we are very proud to see how the whole group continues to grow, improving and updating the latest developments to improve our services. Today we share with you all the most significant news of the Palletways team during the spring of 2019:

o The incorporation of Massimiliano Peres as the new Managing Director of Palletways Italia.
o The annual Palletways Iberia convention
o The new ISO 45001 certification
o The incorporation of the new members of Palletways Iberia in Murcia
o The new action with Corporate Social Responsibility of Palletways together with the Association "The motor of your steps"

Current news of the Palletways Group:

1.- Massimiliano Peres, new Managing Director of Palletways Italia.

Massimiliano Peres has extensive experience in the logistics sector and the palletized goods transport sector, being the perfect profile to lead the Palletways group in the Italian country. According to the director of operations of the Palletways Group, Luis Zubiales, this new addition "will help to strengthen our leadership in the Italian market and our network of distributors".

2.- Annual Palletways Iberia Convention

On February 22, we celebrated the annual Palletways Iberia convention to highlight the success and current status of the system and management of the transport network in palletized merchandise, as well as the upcoming news. In this convention, we participate more than 150 people, including all the members of the management team in Spain, as well as all the members that we are part of.

3.- New ISO 45001 certification in Occupational Health and Safety

This last year, the Palletways Iberia group has achieved a new certificate, the ISO 45001 on the management and control of Occupational Health and Safety. This certification is a new record for the group, which we bet daily to improve both the customer service and the comfort and confidence of the workers and all the people that make up the Palletways team; besides being pioneers in obtaining this certificate. 

4.- New members of Palletways Iberia

"Transportes J. Cerón" and "Palemanía" in Murcia; "Bartolomé Sanz Food Distribution" in Segovia, "DicaExprés" in Granada, "Transportes Genebrando Castro" in A Coruña, "Desitrans" in Vizcaya and "Flash Pallet" in Barcelona, are some of the new additions to the Palletways Iberia Group. From PalletCat, we welcome you and wish you good luck and many successes with the entire Palletways team.
In addition, the new mega truck obtained by "Marsan Logistic" in Malaga, has allowed us to optimally cover the route between Madrid and Malaga. All the new additions, both new members of the Palletways network, as well as new trucks and management materials, are a great step forward to further improve and position ourselves as leaders in the transport of palletized merchandise.

5.- Plan of Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC) of Palletways together with the Association "The Motor of your steps"

The Palletways Group has opted to support a new initiative in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, together with the Association "The engine of your steps". The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness of CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth), a rare genetic, neuromuscular and degenerative disease. With this collaboration, we want to be sponsors of the Association in a charity race of "Mountain Bike" to raise funds for the investigation of this disease, which affects more than 16,000 people, in addition to giving them visibility and social awareness.
In addition, we have also been sponsors of the National Jumping Competition of the Military Hípica de Alcalá, meeting held last 10, 11 and 12 May. It is a pleasure for us to sponsor sporting events and participate in projects as important as the awareness of minority diseases. We continue working to help those who need it, beyond the transport of palletized merchandise.

PalletCat and the Palletways Group, your operator for palletized transport in Spain and the rest of Europe

Growing, improving and making the Palletways brand ever bigger and more efficient both in Spain and in the rest of Europe is our goal. And yes, we are achieving it, with a growth rate of over 15% and breaking records in the transport of pallets throughout Europe.
From PalletCat we are very proud to be able to represent the Palletways brand in Catalonia and be part of this growing network, and keep adding together with them all the new additions, innovations and improvements.

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