New Certification in Safety and Occupational Health: essential factors for Palletways Group

17 Abril 2019 - News

Quality is an essential requirement inside Palletways Group. All of us fight/strive for offering the best service, and it is mainly based on good customer service, on the speed and the effectiveness of our service, as well as on the care of our employees. This is how, builiding this large palletized merchandise network  we achieved high level certifications that grant us the recognition of  a well done job.

From PalletCat, representative brand of Palletways in Catalonia, we are very proud to announce that Iberia Palletways Group has obtained ISO 45001:2018 Certification in Safety and Occupational Health, granted by IMQ Ibérica certifier.

Iberia Palletways obtains  ISO 
45001:2018  certification in safety and occupational health:

International certification ISO 45001 is the new regulation in Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems. A new certification that was established this past 2018 and that will replace actual OHSAS 18001, which will cease his effectiveness in March 2021.

The objective of this certification is to help companies to prevent accidents and manage a correct health and safety in the workplace.

With the aim of continuously improving the service we offer from Palletways, it was renewed and improved the management system of the team at the state level, achieving ISO 45001 certification. This new certification position Iberia Palletways Group as a pioneer company in our processes and quality services, as well as the health and safety of our work environments.

Benefits of ISO Certification for the Iberia Palletways Group:

This ISO Certification is based in 3 main objectives: reduce and minimize the occupational risks of employees, adapt all the company operations to the international health and safety policies, and maintain and improve the compliance of this new standard in the fields of health and safety at work. Furthermore, the compliance of this objectives offers great advantages, like a better easiness of comunication between providers, customers and colaborators, a high decrease of abstention and turnover rate between employees or an improvement in accident management, among others.

Since our beginnings, Iberia Palletways Group works with high levels of demand, commited to offer the maximum quality in all our group actions at the state level. This is also highlighted by 
José F. 
Hernández, Operations Chief of Iberia Palletways Group: "Achieve 45001: 2018 certification in the same year of its application, represents once again our commitment of being the first regarding level of demand. With this new ISO Certification, Palletways leaves behind the old OHSAS 18001, with which we have been counting for 6 years".

And following the objective of improving our services and his efectiveenss, from Iberia Palletways Group we have not only renewed the Health and Security system, but we work constantly to guarantee the best quality in all company areas, moreover it is highlighted by José F. Hernández: "Obtain ISO 45001 certificate, during the last year we renewed all our quality system with enviromental management ISO 14001, quality ISO 9001, carboon footprint ISO 14064 and ISO 14067, and finally CSR (corporate social responsability) ISO 26000. All this allows us to ensure that we have got a certification in high level demand management system and control over processes, that make Iberia Palletways an excellent management model."

From PalletCat, together with 
Iberia Palletways Group, we strive daily to be the best transport of palletized merchandise in Europe. And the new ISO 45001:2018 certification is a step ahead for a constant improvement. We want to offer the best service at every moment, and your satisfaction starts in taking care of our employees. We keep working on take your palletized merchandise anywhere where you need; in the safest, most accurate and effective way.

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