Interview with Josep Solé, Founder of PalletCat

10 Julio 2018 - Blog

Interview with Josep Solé,
founder of PalletCat.

Josep Solé is the founder and director of Palletcat, specialists in the distribution of palletized merchandise throughout Spain and Portugal who have devised the innovative drop-in-depot system that has proved a success for its international customers who distribute palletized merchandise in Spain and Portugal .

What does PalletCat drop-in-depot consist of for the international market?

From Palletcat we have worked hard during the last year to propose an innovative logistic solution similar to that of Amazon Logistics but focused on the busines to busines (B2B) sector and pallets, being the clients who must send the palletized merchandise to our logistics center (there the term drop-in-depot) so that we later distribute it in 24 / 48h to any point of the Iberian Peninsula. And also the other way round, that is, picking up merchandise from different origins to be grouped together in a single load.

How did drop-in-depot come about?

We know that having distribution centers in a country is very expensive and only large companies can afford it. However, with the emergence of ecommerce have emerged very innovative logistics solutions that eliminate the need to have an infrastructure in the country of destination. Even so, they focus exclusively on the B2C sector and the parcel service. There is still a clear deficiency in efficient solutions for export companies that ship pallets to other companies. This logistical gap is what made us start offering the drop-in-depot service to our international clients.

What are the advantages of hiring your service?

Although our drop-in-depot system has many advantages, the main one is that our exporting clients can expand and increase their radius of action in the territory without investing in a logistics infrastructure in the country.
But above all the possibility of making deliveries more efficient and faster with a much cheaper price, without storage costs but above all without losing control of the merchandise and with the maximum visibility.

What is the profile of your international clients?

We have a wide variety of sectors but if I had to choose 3, they would be the following:
- Suppliers or wholesalers that sell throughout Spain and Portugal.
- Companies that have delegations or distributors in Spain and Portugal.
- B2C companies or ecommerce that sell products that require palletizing due to their weight, size or volume

Although lately we receive shipments from companies that decide to change their sales channel eliminating intermediaries but without increasing intermediaries in logistics.

What have you achieved with this new service?
Thanks to this service, our customers can enjoy a fast and flexible last mille logistics for their palletised merchandise.

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