How to preare a pallet?

17 Junio 2019 - Blog

In PalletCat we are experts in the distribution of palletized merchandise, transporting all your pallets to your destination. Together with Palletways, we use the latest techniques so that the pallets arrive in perfect conditions anywhere in the peninsula and Europe. But to be able to transport the merchandise and that it arrives correctly, each client must prepare his pallets in the most suitable way. For this, we share with you the Palletways video where it is clearly explained how to prepare the palletization of merchandise.

The instructions for preparing a pallet are the same for all types of pallets that we can transport. Remember that your pallets can be of type:

o Mini Quarter
o Quarter
o Half
o Full
o Mega Full

Whatever your type of pallet, you just need to follow the following instructions to ensure that the shipment of your merchandise will be done correctly and there will be no breakage. The preparation of these pallets is very easy and simple:

1.- Choosing the pallet correctly

To transport your merchandise, you must choose an appropriate pallet, which has the necessary slots in case it must be transported or loaded onto the truck through lifting platforms. In addition, a pallet can be loaded and unloaded up to 8 times during its journey, so you should also make sure that the packaging used is of good quality and does not break easily.

2.- Place the goods on the pallet

It is very important to place the merchandise correctly on the pallet: make sure that your merchandise is placed on the pallet or platform without protruding from either side. Otherwise, the merchandise could be damaged or suffer some type of break during the journey. Finally, you should also fix the merchandise well to the pallet and confirm that it does not move.

3.- Protect our merchandise

Once the merchandise is on top of the pallet and properly secured, you should protect it and wrap it with a plastic film that can adapt to its shape, such as transparent or protective film. You should make sure that no area of the pallet and merchandise is uncovered, thus ensuring that in case of rain or other situations it is well protected.

4.- Check the stability of the pallet

In addition, you will also have to prove that the pallet is stable and does not move. How? From PalletCat we recommend using the "Palletways Push Test", where you can push your merchandise and test if it moves or falls off your pallet. If the goods move when pushed, it means that it is not yet sufficiently secured to the pallet and you should place it better.

5.- Indicate those non-stackable pallets

On occasion, you may need to transport a smaller pallet, such as a "Quarter" or "Half". In these cases, if the merchandise of the pallets is delicate, you must clearly label that the pallet is "NOT REMONTABLE". In this way, you will ensure that the carrier does not place or stack more small pallets on top of yours and that your merchandise will not break.

6.- Declare the total weight of the pallet

When you request the shipment of the merchandise to PalletCat or Palletways, it is important to verify its total weight when it has been prepared on the pallet and it has been correctly protected. In this way, you will avoid additional charges in the transportation service. The total weight of the pallets can not exceed 1200Kg and, in case of having to deliver it with a lifting platform, the maximum weight of the pallet must be 800 Kg, to ensure that the lifting platform can support the entire weight.

7.- Label the pallet with all the information

Finally, you must add a label on the pallet with all the possible information about the merchandise, its origin and the point of destination where it should be transported, as well as all your contact information. We recommend labeling the pallet with this information on at least two sides, thus ensuring that the carrier can find the information.

A well prepared pallet, a well delivered pallet

With all these indications, each user can correctly prepare their pallets and ensure that the goods arrive correctly at their destination. Of course, the packaging of the pallet must be of good quality and suitable for transport. And if you have prepared your pallet following these instructions, your merchandise will be collected and delivered in the proper way.

Of course, from PalletCat we are at your disposal to help you prepare your pallet and answer any questions. We are your local palletized transport operator and we work to transport all your merchandise wherever you need, always in record time

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