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01 Febrero 2018 - Blog

The Internet has revolutionized the way companies acquire and sell their products. It is increasingly common to find companies that buy their raw materials online simpler, cheaper but above all faster. The minimum failure or delay in the delivery has a serious impact on the customer's production process. For this reason, the delivery time together with the price is usually a decisive factor when buying a product. Here lies the importance of choosing a good logistics partner that allows you to send your goods as quickly as possible with the most cost-effective way.

In the case of B2C ecommerce, there are many logistic solutions that satisfactorily cover the needs of companies and customers. For example: Amazon Supply Chain among others. However, B2B ecommerce, where customers are corporations, distributors, workshops or small businesses require more demanding specifications. For this reason, they hardly find a satisfactory logistic solution, since their logistics chain is still designed for the traditional supply chain. Therefore, is not able to respond to the new demands of the market.

The new logistics solution for the B2B sector

In a globalized and saturated market, companies are constantly searching for competitive advantages that improve their positioning. To achieve this, the distribution and delivery of goods must be done quickly and economically.

In recent years, new logistic processes have grown exponentially such as cross docking that alleviate many operational efficiency problems on transport of palletized goods at a local level.But what if we export to other regions such as Spain or Portugal? Things get complicated!

Why? Because there is an excess of intermediaries that not only cause an increase in the service but also a loss of tracking, breakages, delays in deliveries, etc.

From PalletCat, specialists in express distribution of palletized good in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), we have designed the drop-in-depot system that provides logistics solutions to French companies that need to export palletized goods fast and affordable.

¿How does drop-in-depot work?

Drop-in-depot is a simple and easy logistics system for companies that ship palletized goods by road to Spain and Portugal.  

1. Prepare your palletized merchandise.?

2. Make your reservation online through our website

3. Send your palletized goods to one of our depots located in Barcelona or Tárrega (Do we come for them?)

4 .And that's all; we take it from here.?

Your goods to your destination in 24h. At any time, you can check the tracking in real time and you will have the delivery note online instantly. But that's not all, drop in depot, it is also designed to manage the reverse logistics of your company and for the most complex transactions of the integral logistics service.

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