With which type of pallets can I prepare my merchandise with?

30 Julio 2019 - Blog

At PalletCat, the brand that represents Palletways Group in Catalonia, we want you to get to know in detail all the characteristics of our pallets and which are all the formats we have available, in order to carry out the best transport of the goods and ensure that they reach any destination on the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe in the best possible way.

To make sure that this objective is effective, each customer must choose the pallets that best suit their needs and prepare them properly to ensure their proper transport and arrival at their destination. For this reason, we leave below a description of each pallet to facilitate your selection and to know which pallet is best used in each case.

In PalletCat and Palletways we have 5 different types of pallets, which can be:

- Palet Mini Quarter
- Palet Quarter
- Palet Half
- Palet Full
- Palet Mega Full

Whatever type of goods you want to transport with us, it is very important to choose the right pallet, as the choice will be very important for its proper transport. All the palletized merchandise that is transported in PalletCat and Palletways needs as base a pallet of Universal measure, but the load of these is different for each type of pallet. To do this, we explain which are the most common:

1. Mini Quarter Palet

Mini quarter is the smallest pallet available in PalletCat, with a length of 1.2 meters and a width of 1 meter, measures of a pallet of Universal wood. The important thing to emphasize about this pallet is its height, 0.8 meters, as well as the maximum weight it can have, (including the merchandise, structure ,and protection), which is 150kg. This is a pallet suitable for small and lightweight goods, and except that it is specified in the shipment, it can be stacked on top of other pallets to optimize space during the transport route

2.  Quarter pallet

The pallet Quarter is a bigger version, in terms of height, compared to the Mini Quarter pallet. This version has a height of 1.1 meters, which means, 30 centimeters more than the previous pallet. Due to its height, the Quarter pallet can also be stacked vertically with other Quarter pallets to optimise the truck's space during transport. Its length of 1.2 metres and width of 1 meter are the same dimensions as the rest of the pallets, as the lower structure is always the same. So, the shape of this pallet is more or less square and, in this case, the maximum weight of the goods with a Pallet Quarter is 300kg.

3. Half pallet

The Half pallet differs from the two previous pallets mainly by its height, as this pallet is 1.6 meters, while its length and width remain the same measures as in a Universal pallet (length: 1.2, width: 1m). With these dimensions, the pallet can contain a maximum weight of up to 600 kg, which can already be considered as a pallet for goods of considerable weight. But even though it is a pallet of considerable dimensions, it's more than a meter and a half-height allows us to continue optimizing the space of the transport lorry by climbing on top of it a Mini Quarter type pallet.

4. Full pallet

The Full pallet is one of the largest merchandise pallets that can be palletized with PalletCat and Palletways. The height of the Full Pallet is the maximum height that pallets can have, 2.2 meters, being impossible to climb anything on top of this type of pallet. Its maximum weight increases by 200 kg more compared to the Half Pallet, offering the Full a maximum weight of up to 800 kg. The length and width are still 1.2 and 1 metre respectively, as in the previous cases.

5. Mega Full pallet

The Megafull pallet, in terms of dimensions, offers the same as in the Full pallet, because its length is 1.2m, its width is 1m and its height is 2.2m. Even so, it is very important to highlight its weight, as it is the pallet that allows us to add the largest and heaviest goods, offering a maximum of up to 1200 kg per pallet. The difference between Mega Full and Full, in addition to the weight, lies in their delivery: all the previous pallets can be delivered with a lifting platform except for the Mega Full pallet, as the maximum weight allowed by the platform is 800 kg.

Choose the best pallet for your palletized merchandise with PalletCat.

This information will allow each user to choose the pallet that best suits their needs, according to the size and weight of their palletized goods. At PalletCat, together with Palletways Group, take care to ensure maximum security for correct transport and thus get all goods correctly to their destination.

From PalletCat we are at your disposal to help you and answer any questions about the types and requirements of each pallet. We are your local operator of pallet transport and we work to transport all your goods where you need, always in record time.

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